Dress-up Fun with your Preschool Child

Being a parent can sometime be not as easy as it may seem. Especially for those who are new parents and have preschool children to look after. Now children are very well known for being quite demanding and any parent who has their sons and daughter now grown up would understand this phase very well. But, there is always a solution to combat such circumstances and also see some cuteness in action. By that we mean to say introducing something distinct to your child to dress-up for fun.


This is a very interesting activity parents can try out with their children at home. But to make this fun, the parent must also participate. One has to do is choose a particular theme of dressing up, it could be something that your child would enjoy. Let them be filled with surprises and their cute and curious expressions wonder as they try out a new experience of dressing up. Similar costumes can be taken into consideration. For example if the mother dresses as a fairy godmother, her baby daughter could be Cinderella. There doesn’t necessarily has to be an occasion to have some fun like this and it would  make the child feel happy and  excited to pose for the pictures


This could as well be an exercise for your child to learn ways to be photogenic. Though not necessary, but children would love to see a photo that makes them look distinct and good. So it is worth a try for new parents back home who must be wondering what new thing to try out with their children, well it’s time to cheer up and pick an outfit and simply dress-up. Let there be some cuteness and one for the family album memories.


Summer Fun For Your Pre-School Child At Home

Summers can be fun if we pay attention to the brighter and positive side of it. Especially for children it can indeed be the brightest days of their life quite literally. This has been the case in a lot of places across the world that in the season of heat, it becomes some kind of a task for parents to manage pre-school children. If we were to interpret the opening sentence mentioned above, things can be fun if the approach is such.

One of the most interesting ways to add some life to the summer fun is the activity of decorating your room. In this way the children can be engaged and they can have a good time surrounding themselves with different colors. Parents can liven up their homes with theme based decoration which includes drawings on various themes and displaying them as decorative pieces in their children’s room. The following themes can be considered:

  • Fairy Tale theme

Ask them to draw a different fairy tale character each day of the week. They can be guided about how they can make the images interesting with colors and their drawing style as per the theme requirement.


  • Superhero Theme

Superheroes are loved by every kid and this is a theme they would love to participate in. Let the kids get to fill colors on their favorite heroes. Try drawing a new superhero every day. Assemble their drawings and display their heroic activity on one of the walls of your home.


  • Disney Cartoons Theme

Disney has always catered to the cutest section of the masses as their target audience and they are nothing but kids. Recreate a famous scene from Disney cartoons which features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and many other characters.


Find your home coming back to life with these amazing theme drawings from the kids. So make the most of the summer time and indulge in activities that’ll make your preschool child smarter.

4 Activities For Your Pre-School Child Should Involve This Summer

Summer has arrived and it has come with its own share of concerns for everyone. This is also that time of the year when people are bothered by the heat. This also reflects in the concentration of children in their studies and as a result we have summer holidays. If the adults declare it unbearable then one can imagine the situation of a preschooler who has no clue how to adapt to such conditions. Well, help is 4 steps away. We give you four ways to keep your child occupied & develop them in the bright days of summer as well.

# 1 The world is bright because of the colors

Children love everything which is visually colorful as a result drawing happens to be one of the best ways to engage them. Introduce them to the world of colors & let them do a color them drawing sessions.


# 2 Live stories with them

Find new ways to tell them popular children stories by enacting it out to them, nothing like involving the kids in an interesting story-telling session.

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# 3 What’s cooking Kid?

Cooking is one of the best way to engage a child. Make use of simple recipes and a toy cooking set to give them a good experience about this engaging activity.

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# 4 There’s a treasure, there is a hunt and its fun.

Organize a cute treasure hunt with children, let them out to search something hidden. Prepare them for this interesting activity. It is a challenge for both the parent and the child, but worth the fun.


The Pre-School Preparation

One of the anticipated moments of life is the time when newly parents get to experience the joy of their child. It has always been a tradition that the parent always ensures that their children get the best of everything , most importantly when it comes to early education. As the realization becomes widely evident parents these days are taking every measure in the book to begin their child’s early educational development. This is where the child must be introduced to a pre-school environment that prepares the child to begin their future days in school. Eventually leading to an overall performance and a visible of the child.

Pre-school approach has also witnessed a potential change over the years and it now focuses more on activities that the child can participate. These activities prepare the child from an overall perspective and give them an edge before they take their further steps. It is also important that in their early days of growth, the child builds a good rapport with their parents. It is very essential to have a good parent-child equation, it helps the child in shaping their attitude.

The preparatory list never ends, with changing time there is always an evolution of process and that is how it must be. But the basics will always be the same, the cute trials and tribulations a child must go through would make them well-prepared to face every kind of challenges in the upcoming future.


Pre-School Matters

Carrying a bottle of water and lunchbox; anxiously advancing towards the Pre School, after spending a sleepless night, the parents let their little ones take their initial steps into a whole new environment full of adventure and learning opportunity. Preschools give an opportunity for kids to interact and learn with other kids and build bonds that could last for a lifetime. Two important lessons are learnt by children in preschools: cooperation and trust. The children get a chance to hone their skills and showcase their creativity. Learning and growing is not the only advantage of enrolling your child in a preschool; the child also learns to be independent.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” This quote by Margaret Mead clearly highlights the whole idea of a preschool. Inspiring teachers and peers shall be one of the factors of shaping the personality of your children. In a nurturing environment offered in a preschool, the children learn to build trusting relationships with adults outside the family. At Preschool, apart from learning how to do certain tasks independently; the children also grow confident and amicable with other children. Preschool becomes a foundation towards shaping a child’s bright future.


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