7 Healthy Snacks for your child



Eating healthy is an important part of a child’s development. To ensure a child is eating healthy, parents can try some simple snack that can be appealing to their taste buds. Try out these healthy homemade snacks for children.

  • Yummy Smoothies– If making kids eat sliced fruits/vegetables is a task; try presenting a fruit/vegetable smoothie to them. Use vanilla yogurt, milk and sliced frozen fruits and blend these ingredients well.


  • Mix multiple snacks– Create a combo of nuts, fruits, cereals (cornflakes, muesli) to make a healthy morning or evening cereal for the kids. Present a nutty fruit bowl at home to the kids. Nuts contain minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc that are a must for children’s development.


  • A Waffle Breakfast– Try out a whole grain waffle topped with fruit jelly or cheese. Whole grain waffles contain vitamins and iron. Switch from peanut butter on bread to waffles for a refreshing new, healthy snack for kids.


  • Twist to Tomato- Tomato sauce with nachos is a way to sneak tomatoes in the kid’s diet. Other than a tomato sauce; toss a fruit/ vegetable bowl with a hint of lime to add a tangy taste to the snack. This healthy and delicious snack could be a great surprise to the kids.


  • Fruit/ Veg Cheese Sticks- Fruit and cheese sticks or vegetable and cheese sticks could be included as a healthy evening snack. Slice cheese in interesting shapes like stars and moon, using cookie cutters to make the snacks look more appealing to the kids. Alternate the fruits/ vegetables and cheese on skewers and serve it to kids.


  • Oatmeal cookies- Instead of buying high calorie cookies from the supermarket; try out baking low-fat oatmeal cookies at home. Add nuts, raisins or sliced fruits like apples and bananas and serve with a cup of hot milk. Oatmeal cookies would make a nutritious and tasty snack for the entire family.


  • Quesadillas- left over rotis/ parathas can be stuffed with colourful bell peppers mixed with ketchup, cheese and/or baked beans, roasted and rolled as a wrap.


These are some interesting and unique ways in which parents can sneak nutritional and healthy food in the children’s diet.




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