Spending Quality Time with Your Preschool Child

Children enjoy when they spend quality time with their parents. Though it can be understood that you might be occupied in a lot of things, it is not that difficult to spare time for your little ones. Here are some ways you can find that quality time:

  1. Morning Time

The time before your child gets ready to go to school can be a good time for you to interact with them. You can indulge in a very interesting conversation with your child to prepare him/her for school. This helps to cheer them up and grow closer to you.

IMG_2065 [1024x768]

  1. Mealtime

Children feel good about the fact that the entire family comes together for meals. Healthy food along with a healthy discussion on a dining table is a good influence for children. This is another place where a decent quality time can be spent with them.

  1. Talk with them

By having a healthy conversation with kids, you can strengthen your bond with them. Once the kids are back from school; you can ask them about their day. What they learnt?  How many friends they made? Spending quality time with kids can help you understand your kids better. A constant conversation between the parents and children helps to establish a relationship based on trust and understanding.

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  1. Play Time

Play board games like Snakes and Ladder, Ludo or Carrom with your kids. Other interesting word games and picture games encourage learning and stimulate kids to think. The entire family could come together and play indoor or outdoor games to create some fond memories.

  1. Bedtime

Bedtime stories are a few memorable moments cherished by children. You can spend a good time with your children by reading out stories to them. This is a good way for parents to bond with their children over a quality time.

Similarly, parents can find time and plan their day accordingly which helps them do their work as well as be with their children.


2 thoughts on “Spending Quality Time with Your Preschool Child

  1. Reminds me the time, I have been away from my daughter due to work. But surely, sometimes all you need is a bit of time managing and you can achieve the quality. Good article.


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