4 Things Parents Shouldn’t Say to their child

Parenthood is a wonderful stage but it also comes with its own share of responsibility. Parents often tell the children about the right things, if the children make mistakes then they get scolded as well. Sometimes parents might unknowingly say something wrong to their child which may have an undesirable impact on them. Let us find out four such sentences which should be avoided by parents when communicating with their child:


  1. Why Can’t you be more like your Brother/Sister?

This sentence carries a weightage of expectation which could be too much to handle for a child at such a young age. Parents can resort to provide shining examples of other kids or their siblings, but comparison can be harmful and this fact can dwell in the heart of the child for a long time. Parents need to understand that children develop at their own pace, setting an early expectation for them is not an ideal start for a child. As a result they can help them perform better by supporting them.


  1. Leave me alone

Children are always looking for their parent’s attention. There are times when they don’t get it enough due to which they would do something unwanted. Instead of upsetting them by saying a sentence like that, parents need to be considerate. Children understand the language of love and affection, they will understand if they are treated in that way.


  1. Wait for Daddy to Come home

Mums sometimes feel a bit difficult to manage children all by themselves. This is quite understandable and there is nothing wrong with that. She would then be waiting for the arrival of daddy to speak about the pending issues she needed to clear with the child. Instead of this if mothers choose to patiently resolve the children’s problem at the instant the child comes to her, it becomes a lot easier for the child.


  1. Be Quick

Parents sometimes can get impatient with their children, which can be understood. Commanding or ordering children only makes it difficult for them to do their tasks. Instead parents can try and make their children feel better by helping them understand as to how something needs to be done. Over the course of time when the child puts all this into practice, the pace catches up eventually.




11 thoughts on “4 Things Parents Shouldn’t Say to their child

  1. very innovative and encouraging to set up a blog and I am sure it will be well appreciated too .A small suggestion , providing solutions will go a long way .Most of us know what we should not say as parents but what are the alternatives or what can we say , very few know .its like providing all the ingredients but not teaching how to cook .


  2. I think that was really well put. As a parent understanding first what not to do helps in focusing on alternatives which has been stated here quite nicely. This would surely help me as a parent to my son Vihaan who is difficult to handle at times.


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