How to groom a child to be responsible?

“When kids focus on excuses, parents need to focus on responsibility.”

– James Lehman

Parents play an important role in grooming kids to become responsible citizens. When kids understand their responsibilities at home; they act responsibly everywhere they go. How can parents instill a sense of responsibility in kids?

  • Taking baby steps: assign one task at a time. Tasks need to be age appropriate. Give simple instructions to your child and keep a tab. Gradually move on to multiple smaller and/ or complicated tasks.

Beehive 18

  • Fun makes tasks easy: set up a timer for your child to stack up the blocks and place it in the rack or pile the books from big to small before you finish counting till 10. Involving fun with the task makes it less mundane for the child.
  • First things first: Make sure your child winds up first task before switching on to another. If your child fancies playing with blocks after a colouring activity, encourage him/ her to pack up his colours in the box and sheets in the folder. Let this be a routine for any activities (s)he does at any given point in time.

Beehive 15

  • Let them help you: Keeping the house clean or simple tasks like putting the clothes in the laundry basket, separating spoons and forks, sorting clothes as per the members of family, pairing up socks are easy chores that kids can help their parents do. In this way; parents and children can work in teams and spend precious time having fun & learning a thing or two about keeping the house spick and span.
  • Encourage, allow them to make mistakes, appreciate: When kids accomplish simple tasks, praise them and thank them for helping. Slowly move on to assigning multiple tasks or a little complicated task. Allow them to make mistakes. Patiently rectify their mistakes by showing them how a certain thing is to be done. Of all appreciate them for their efforts. Kids feel valued and will be more willing to take up more tasks in future.

Responsible kids are likely to be more self-reliant and independent adults. So parents can start off by assigning trivial tasks that kids can accomplish by themselves.


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